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BHS spare parts

About BHS 

BHS is a German manufacturer, headquartered in Weiherhammer. Founded over 300+ years ago in 1717, BHS Corrugated supplies industry with mechanical engineering expertise, lifecycle services in areas including corrugating rolls, individual machines, complete corrugators, as well as inline digital print and digital solutions to meet the complex requirements of the corrugated board industry.  

BHS operations 

What started as a humble hammer mill in a small village in South Germany has become a leading producer and servicer of corrugators. Today, the company employs 2,400 people in over 20 countries and has a 50% market share. One-third of all corrugated board production globally is done by corrugators designed by BHS – a testament to the brand's strength and reliability. 

From Tachov, Czech Republic, Knoxville, Tennessee, the U.S. to Curitiba, Brazil – the company’s extensive expertise can be found residing in its 8 manufacturing sites and countless branches worldwide, supporting unique regional market requirements. Embracing continuous change and with a clear vision of the future, the company invests 5 per cent of its turnover in research and development. 


Paul-Engel-Strasse 1 Weiherhammer, 92729 Germany 

Tel: +49 96 05 919 0 

Web: https://www.bhs-world.com/zh/