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Edwards Signaling spare parts

Edwards Signaling is an automated signaling products manufacturing company founded in 1872, by Robert Edwards and David Rousseau, as a part of Edwards and Company. Presently a part of Carrier Company, Edwards Signaling produces electronic signaling products like:
Audible Signals like bells, buzzers, horns, etc.
Visual Signals like stack lights, beacons, etc.
Combination Signals like beacons with horns or sounders, etc.
Other things like call for assistance kits, text messaging systems, pushbuttons, safety switches, transformers, etc.
Edwards Signaling products are used in places such as the New York Stock Exchange, where each session begins and ends with the sound of an Edwards' bell.
Edwards Signaling believes in the ethics of providing open-ended products that effortlessly combine with pre-existing or upcoming technologies, which reduces costs and environmental wastes. Using its 100+ years of experience, Edwards Signaling provides signaling solutions that can protect any establishment from all kinds of hazards like fire, heat, smoke, and so on.
Edwards Signaling,1 Farm Springs Road, Farmington, CT  06032
Tel: 800-336-4206
Web: www.edwardssignaling.com

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