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Endress spare parts

Endress & Hauser is a Swiss-based international group of companies that develop and supply process and laboratory instrumentation and automation.
In 1953, Georg Endress and Ludwig Hauser founded L Hauser KG in Lorrach, Germany. This was renamed Endress & Hauser in 1957, which first sold innovative level instruments from other companies and later developed them in-house. Endress & Hauser includes 134 different companies in 48 countries, the parent company being Endress & Hauser AG in Switzerland. The group does business in more than 125 countries and has production facilities in 13 countries.
Endress & Hauser provide process automation instruments that help in:
Level, flow, pressure, and temperature measurement
Liquid, solid, and gas analysis instruments
Data acquisition and system integration
It also provides analytical tools and bioanalytical instruments under the Analytic Jena brand. Endress' customers operate in various industries like oil and gas, water, power, and energy, etc.
Endress & Hauser, as a family-owned business, emphasizes the sustainable development of its products and follows strict guidelines in several fields, including conflict mineral acquisition.
Kägenstrasse 2, 4153 Reinach BL, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 715 7700
Web: https://www.endress.com/en 

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