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Erhardt & Leimer spare parts

Erhardt & Leimer is a Germany-based international company that operates in web control and web inspection. It currently employs almost 1600 people in 15 different countries around the world.
The industries that Erhardt & Leimer operate in are:
Converting and plastics
Paper manufacturing
Corrugated board
The products include web guiding systems, belt position technology, automation technology, inspection technology, measurement technology, cutting, machines, and web cleaning technology.
Erhardt & Leimer was founded in 1919 by Manfred Erhardt and joined by Albert Leimer in 1925. More than 100 years later, Erhard & Leimer provide sophisticated products which are also environmentally conscious. The company gives ultimate priority to following the environmental laws, with the health and safety of their workers and customers being the most important. It also makes an environment-friendly use of company resources to reduce its economic impact.
Erhardt+Leimer GmbH- Albert-Leimer-Platz1, D-86391 Stadtbergen , Germany
Tel: +49/821/2435-0
Web: https://www.erhardt-leimer.com/