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Esco spare parts

Esco Micro Pvt. Ltd. is a life science company based in Singapore that produces life science diagnostic tools and technologies. With offices in more than 43 locations, Esco sells its product in more than 100 countries. The company started its operations as a cleanroom products manufacturer in 1978, which continued until 2000 when it shifted to the biological equipment industry.
Following its motto of using technologies to make human lives better, Esco has branched into the-
Life science industry, focusing on manufacturing
Delivering industrial, clinical, and research laboratories
Its products include-
Safety cabinets
Fume hoods
Laminar flow cabinets
Ovens and incubators
However, what separates Esco from other biological machine manufacturers is its focus on green technology. Esco specifically uses energy-efficient machine components, such as the ebm-papst motors used in its laminar flow products. Due to specialized filters, Esco products have a longer lifetime and lower costs, which reduces their environmental impact.
Esco Technologies, Inc., Lab Division-
903 Sheehy Drive, Suite F, Horsham, PA 19044, USA
Toll-Free USA and Canada: 1-877-479-3726, Tel: 215-441-9661
Website: http://escolifesciences.us