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Euchner spare parts

Euchner is a Germany-based multinational electrical safety equipment manufacturing company. The company is a leading name in the industrial safety engineering industry, employing more than 800 people worldwide.
Euchner’s focus is on preparing safety equipment that, when applied on industrial machines and installations, reduces the hazards and risks among workers. Its product catalog includes-
Safety switches
Guard locking
Emergency stop devices and many more
Along with focusing on the quality of their products, Euchner also maintains a robust energy-conscious mindset that ensures that all their components are ISO certified. Their implementation of green technologies has allowed them to reduce raw material usage during production.
Founded in 1940 by Emil Euchner, Euchner + Co. was formally established in 1953. Since then, the Euchner family has run the namesake company, with Stefan Euchner the third generation of his family to take charge.
EUCHNER USA Inc., 6723 Lyons Street, East Syracuse, NY 13057
Tel: +1 315 701-0315
Web: https://www.euchner-usa.com/en-us/