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Hubbell Bell spare parts

Hubbell Bell is an American multinational company that develops and delivers commercial and residential weatherproof product solutions. Founded in 1964, Hubbell Bell has grown into an industrial leader in weatherproof products, so much so that Bell Boxes have become a generic term for electricians.
Hubbell Bell’s products are fine-tuned to make sure that electrical power can be conducted safely, reliably and efficiently across the electrical grid without causing any damage to the grid’s health.
Hubbell Bell’s extensive product catalogue includes:
Weatherproof boxes
Plates, covers
Ceiling fan support
Commercial outdoor Lighting (like flood lighting, wall mount, etc.)
Lighting controls
Hubbell Bell’s sustainability program makes the company focus on their business through an environmental, social and governance (ESG) lens. Its commitment towards environmental stewards, its workers and communities have them incorporate socially responsible habits into their day-to-day practices.
3902 W. Sample St., P.O. Box 4002, South Bend, IN 46634
Tel: 574-234-7151
Web: https://www.hubbell.com/bell/en

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