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Lenze-ACTech spare parts

Lenze-ACTech is a Germany-based international company that develops and delivers high-quality mechatronic products, and hardware and software solutions that allow for cloud and IoT automation.
Presently, Lenze-ACTech has sales and service offices in over sixty countries around the world and employs more than 3,700 people, delivering high-quality products. Its product catalogue includes-
IoT Gateways
Lenze software
Smart products
With its dedication to high-quality products and servicing, Lenze-ACTech’s products are easy to handle, durable and reliable. They are subject to strict testing to ensure that they are consistent and have a long service life.
Lenze SE- Postbox 101352, 31763 Hameln, Hans-Lenze-Straße 1, 31855 Aerzen (bei Hameln), Germany ;
Tel:  +49 5154 82-0
Web: https://www.lenze.com/en-us/