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Leviton spare parts

Leviton Manufacturing Company is an American multinational company that produces and delivers electrical wiring equipment. Leviton was founded in 1906 by Isidor Leviton in Manhattan. Since then, it has turned into a global leader which employs more than 6,500 people.
The products that are offered by Leviton include:
Power cables
Power cords
Wall and ceiling occupancy sensors
Wall plates
Electrical light sockets
Receptacles and outlets
Other Lighting control systems and more
Leviton is dedicated to providing the safest products possible, while also ensuring that their products can survive in harsh environments and are easy to install and use. Leviton products are extremely easy to install, which helps companies save maintenance costs. Leviton’s Decora wall Switches are flat low profile Switches that have replaced normal toggle Switches in many offices and homes, and are so popular that ‘decora’ has become a generic name for such switches.
201 North Service Road, Melville, New York 11747

Tel: 800.323.8920
Web: https://www.leviton.com/en