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Lumex spare parts

Lumex is an American company that develops and distributes LED and LCD solutions. With over 30 years of experience, Lumex has turned into a leader in the Optoelectronics industry. Its product catalogue includes thousands of standard products, and it also provides and specialises in semi-custom and custom designed products.
Lumex provides a large catalogue of high-quality and fine-tuned LEDs and LCDs that are used all around the world, with a broad spectrum of UV, visible and infrared wavelengths being covered as well. Some of the products that are offered by Lumex include:
Push-button Switches with built-in LED
Digital LEDs
LCM and OLED products
Light pipes,
Light strips
To assist its customers, Lumex provides high-level technical support to both small and large customers to provide them with the best solution for their optical needs.
425 N. GARY AVE, CAROL STREAM, IL 60188, PHONE: 800-278-5666
Web: https://www.lumex.com/index.html