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Mennekes spare parts

MENNEKES is a leading provider in the electrical industry. The company plans to create innovative connections between industry and infrastructure, between energy and electric mobility. According to MENNEKES, a range of 15,000 different varieties of industrial plugs and Sockets have been designed.

The industries where the company provides reliable plugs and Sockets include:

Industrial plants
Chemical and petrochemical industries
Railway and transport companies
Food industry
Trade fairs and exhibition
Data centers
Product industry

The company products include:

Combination of Receptacles
Plugs and Sockets
Data/ network technology

The company was founded in 1935 in Kirchhundem. It has actively accompanied the fast-paced entry of electricity towards all the industrial sectors, a family-owned company with a workforce of 1300 employees functioning in over 90 countries.

The company knows the awareness of environmental impacts, resources, and energy consumption creates a foundation for differentiating the company from the competitors by providing a clean and intact environment. It is undergoing a continuous improvement process to constantly reduce the burden on the environment and for minimal consumption of energy.

Address: P.O Box 13 64, D-57343, Lennestadt, Germany
Tel: +49272341-1
Website: https://www.mennekes.in/

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