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MKT Fastening spare parts

MKT Fastening has the base product line to create high-quality mechanical expansion anchors.

The product line includes:

Mechanical Anchoring systems
Screw Fastening systems
Adhesive anchoring systems
Direct fastening systems

The products are also classified based on their builds, such as heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty. In which there are taper bolts, coil threads, self-drilling wallboard, etc.

The company was founded in 1919 in New York by making quality mechanical expansion anchors. By 1934, the name was changed to USE Diamond. By 1998, Gunnebo Fastening turned into MKT Fastening with a German alliance which enabled a full line of metric products for the US Market.

MKT offers full sustainability by considering the grade of metals that are being used. The company wants minimal wastage as well as a low reduction in the carbon footprint. According to the company, plans have been developed to adopt green protocols and ensure maximum safety for the planet.

Address: Gunnebo Drive, Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
Tel: 501-676-2222
Website: https://www.mktfastening.com/