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Optibelt spare parts

The Arntz Optibelt Group is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance belt drives. Optibelt products are used where durability and quality are required without making any compromises in the following industries:
Machine engineering
Automotive branch
Agricultural engineering sector
Household appliance industry
Oil and gas
Food and beverage
Cement industry
Leisure and sport
Fans and compressors

The company's product portfolio includes an array of belts including rubber timing belts, V-belts, PU timing belts, ribbed belts, and kraft bands. The company also produces metal devices, couplings, x-ray protection gears, automotive spare parts, technical elastomer sheeting, and deuserband.

With its “high-quality craftsmanship is not a matter of chance” philosophy, Optibelt has secured its place as a strong brand on the global market. Owners and employees see to it that it stays this way every day: with hearts, hands and minds.
Optibelt maintains a global network of sales organizations. The company is located in Europe, North and South America and in South East Asia with its own sales and logistics sites. Optibelt manufactures in eight factories, distributed over six different countries in Europe and Asia.

Postfach 10 01 32, 37669 Höxter, Corveyer Allee 15, D-37671 Höxter, Germany
Tel. +49 5271 621
Web: https://www.optibelt.com/en/home/