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Parallax spare parts

Parallax was founded in 1981 by thirteen-year-old Chip Gracey, driven by his fascination for programming and electronics.

Chip initially wrote the basic code to display graphics, leading to the company’s first product: sound digitizers for Apple II. Later in 1990, Parallax also released the first 3rd party PIC programmer. By 2002, there were over 3 million BASIC stamp Microcontrollers in use.

These early innovations quickly led to reverse engineering video game source codes and household electronic hardware. Since then, Parallax has progressed from coding Apple II computers, designing the propeller 1 and 2 (microcontrollers) to creating custom multicore Microcontrollers and becoming a semiconductor company.

Parallax’s products include:


Propeller 2

Propeller 1




The company specializes in robot kits for children, propeller microcontrollers, electronic Sensors and more, with a global employee count of 65+.


Parallax Inc

599 Menlo Drive, Suite 100, Rocklin, CA-95765, USA

Tel: +1-916-624-8333

Web: https://www.parallax.com