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Pizzato Elettrica spare parts

Pizzato Elettrica is one of the leading European manufacturers operating in the field of automation and industrial safety, as well as in the sector of lift devices for more than 30 years. The solutions by Pizzato Elettrica are adopted in a wide range of sectors, including:

- Packaging
- Wood
- Plastic
- Metals
- Food
- Pharmaceutical
- Automotive
- Railway
- Lift industries

The Pizzato Elettrica product range includes position switches, safety devices, safety modules, signaling and control devices for human-machine interface, footswitches, and lift devices.

The passion for product quality and the orientation towards excellence, innovation, and continuous development represent the key principles of Pizzato Elettrica's everyday work.
All Pizzato Elettrica’s products are entirely designed, tested, and developed in the company's plants in Marostica. The company is able to produce more than 12 million versions of items that are sold in more than 80 countries.

Via Torino, 1 36063 Marostica (VI) – Italy
Tel: +39 0424 470930
Web: https://www.pizzato.com/