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Pressure Sensor Limited spare parts

Pressure Sensor Limited specializes in the design and manufacture of sensor products.  The company's products and solutions cover industries such as: 
Process control

The product range includes different Sensors like ceramic, urea, pressure, level, wet, proximity, Bluetooth, plastic, barometric and force. Pressure Sensor Limited also offers pressure transducers.

The company offers a comprehensive sensor design and development programme, using multiple technologies, including diaphragm isolated oil filled, MEMS die attach, bonded foil strain gauge and high temperature, inorganically bonded, media isolated, piezoresistive.

With a global operation comprising a vertically integrated factory with state-of-the-art automation in China and extensive Research and Development Centres in Shenzhen and Newport News Virginia, USA., the company is well-placed to Handle OEM projects and more standard sensor requirements from customers worldwide.

11751 Rock Landing Drive Suite H-7    Newport News, VA, 23606 U.S.A.
Tel:+1 757-706-3795
Web: http://www.pressure-sensor.com/