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Shoulder Electronics spare parts

Shoulder Electronics was established in 1999, as a well known SAW device company worldwide. The company specializes in the development and production of SAW filters, duplexers and resonators, which are widely used in mobile phones, telecommunication equipment, automotive electronics, LTE modules, IOT, home automations, Aerospace and microwave industries.

Shoulder Electronics’ products provide excellent performance, are highly reliable, cost competitive and have gained a very good reputation and market share globally. Shoulder Electronic products include:

Saw duplexers and filters for mobile
Saw filters
Saw resonators
Crystal units

The key customers of Shoulder Electronics include Xiaomi, ZTE, Yulong, Gionee, Samsung, Kathrein, Foxconn, Meizu, Lenovo and more.

The motive of Shoulder Electronics is “quality first, customer first, scientific management, continuous improvement” and this has been regarded as their quality policy. “Stable quality, professional service, competitive cost and high efficiency” can be regarded as key to their competitiveness. Shoulder Electronics is on its way to create a world class saw brand.

The company’s first product included the intermediate frequency SAW filter which was certified by the french Thomson quality centre. Within the new millennium, it obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 quality management and, from there, the company has succeeded in multiple areas with their SAW products.

Shoulder electronics limited
Headquarter No:
115, Gaoyuan Road, Wuxi, China
Tel: 0510-85629111
Web: http://www.shoulder.cn/en/index.html