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Siemens spare parts

Siemens is a technological company centered on the Industries that form the backbone of economies, including manufacturing, infrastructure and transport. Their technologies empower customers to transform their Industries to create more productive factories, as well as more intelligent and efficient grids taking sustainability under concern. The smart microgrids ensure reliable supplies of renewable energy. Siemens’ digital twins are also helping customers bring life saving drugs to the market much faster. Additionally, the company's artificial intelligence software predicts and prevents trains from breaking down.

In 1866, Werner von Siemens, the founder of Siemens, made his most important contribution to electrical engineering. Building on the work of Michael Faraday, Siemens discovered the dynamo-electric principle and constructed a dynamo machine, the forerunner of modern, large-scale electric generators. Unlike other researchers in the field who were working on the same problem, Werner von Siemens recognized the economic significance of his invention and, in 1867, took out patents to ensure his right to commercialize it. The first areas of application were electric Lighting and driving technology. On March 1, 1879, the Siemens villa in Charlottenburg became Germany’s first private residence to be lit by electrical energy.

Today, Siemens products include:

  • Building technology
  • Drive technology
  • Energy
  • Financing
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial automation
  • Mobility

Siemens’ passionate service staff deliver different services to meet customers' individual challenges now and in the future. This commitment is built upon existing and coming trustworthy partnerships, with customer confidence as the company’s promise. The Siemens service offer includes the following: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital enterprise services
  • Global business service
  • Health service
  • Rail services
  • Vilocify

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