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Supertex spare parts

Supertex was founded in 1986 for the processing of synthetic yarns and is engaged in the texturizing, twisting, draw-warping and sizing of polyester filament yarn (PFY).
Supertex was promoted by the Mishra Family, who is one of the largest dealers of synthetic yarns in for the past four decades. It has state-of-the-art processing facilities in Silvassa, Haveli and Dharampur. Supertex products include:
Polyester draw texturised yarn
Polyester twisted yarn
Polyester twisted nylon crimp
Shrinkage beams
Lycra beams
Nylon beams

Supertex is one of the few companies that help in processing nylon filament yarn. The company’s primary product includes high quality FDY beams that can be applied in sizing and draw warping machines. A pioneer in manufacturing FDY beams, and with no competition in the draw warping segment. It also manufactures sized beams for weaving.
The company plans to become the Forerunner in textile processing through lateral and vertical expansions. It is a public limited company notified and listed in the Bombay stock exchange.
Supertex Industries Limited,
Balkrishna Krupa, 2nd Floor, 45/49 Babu Genu Road, Princess Street, Mumbai 400002, Maharashtra, India.
TEL : +91 22 22095630 /22069034
Web: http://www.supertex.in/index.html

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