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Telemecanique spare parts

Telemecanique, now Schneider Electric, is a market leader and global expert in providing products and services for industrial control and automation.
In addition, it offers power distribution through prefabricated busbar trunking. The Schneider Electric brand is currently developing products such as:
Automation products
Systems in detection
Man-machine dialogue
Process supervision
The brand supplies customers with excellent performance and productivity, along with first-class customer service and support.
The company was first acquired  by Michel le Goullec in 1924, then known as "Manufacture d'Appareillage Electrique" which, in 1928, became "Télémécanique Electrique."
By 2009, Telemecanique's products, services, and solutions migrated to the Schneider Electric brand as its Automation and Control offer.
Telemecanique Sensors, 1875 Founders Drive, Dayton, OH 45420-4017
Tel: 800-435-2121
Web: https://tesensors.com/us/en