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Univer Pneumatic Equipment spare parts

Univer Pneumatic Equipment was established in Milano in 1971. The company's continued growth and development is thanks to its expanding range of technologically advanced and original pneumatic components, which has enabled it to become one a major Italian business in the production of Industrial Automation equipment. The company manufactures products in categories such as:
- Pneumatic automation
- Automotive
- Modular tooling systems
There are many items in pneumatic automation, such as pipes, air treatment accessories, and valves. Clamps and electric units are produced by the company in the automotive industry, as well as the GR8 Tooling System in the Modular Tooling System. Univer provides pneumatic equipment to a variety of businesses, including Volvo, Tesla, BMW, Alpha Romeo, Ford, and others.
-20128 Milano
Via Eraclito, 31
Tel. +39 02 25298.1
Web: www.univer-group.com

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