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What are gears?

A gear is a rotating circular machine part that has cut teeth or a case. This case of cogwheel or gearwheel has an inserted tooth with mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque. It is also called a cog. Gears are devices that help in changing the speed, torque and direction of a power source. Gears were initially invented in the third century BC by great Archimedes, with widespread use in the Roman world.

What are the different types of gears?

There are different types of gears, including:

Spur gears
Helical gears
Bevel gears
Worm gears
Rack and pinion

What is the purpose of a gear?

It depends on the design and construction of the gear pair employed. Gears can change the direction of movement and increase the output speed or torque.
Applications of gears

There are many applications associated with gears, and these include:

Factory automation
Packaging machine
Industrial robots
Food processing machine
Car production machine
Machine tool industry
Material handling
Printing material



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