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Pneumatic Actuators

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What is a pneumatic actuator? Pneumatic actuators refer to devices engineered to convert energy in the form of compressed air into linear or rotary mechanical motion. Also known as pneumatic cylinders and air actuators, these devices consist of a piston, a cylinder, and valves and come in two types – linear actuators & rotary actuators.   While pneumatic linear actuators are better suited to fit angle seat control valves, pneumatic rotary actuators are best suited to fit quarter-turn valves.   Importance of pneumatic actuator Pneumatic actuators are used across a wide variety of applications, serving various industry verticals. Most commonly, they are important in air compressors, combustible automobile engines and packaging and production equipment. They are also used in railway applications and aviation components.   Best practices while buying a pneumatic actuator While choosing pneumatic actuators, there are certain things you should consider, including: Size: Consider the size of the actuator in relation to your application so that it is the right fit. Oversized actuators may lead to damage, whereas undersized ones can lead to ineffective operations. Compatibility: Pneumatic actuators need air to build pressure. How this pressure will be built to move a valve depends on the pressure range of an actuator. So, it is important to consider this as well. Generally, a pressure range of 35 PSI 140 PSI is capable of building pressure. Force: Here, force refers to the amount of torque needed to operate the valve. Considering this force while buying a pneumatic actuator is essential to ensure effectiveness.



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