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What is an industrial pump? Industrial pumps are heavy-duty process pumps used to move water, chemicals, petroleum, wastewater, oil, sludge, slurry or food. Industrial pumps are designed for use in heavy-duty or harsh applications. 
How does a pump work? A pump operates through reciprocating or rotating mechanisms, consuming energy to perform mechanical work that moves a fluid. Pumps can use different types of power to run, such as electricity, manpower or even wind power. The energy sources can differ in size and equipment.
Common types of pumps Most pumps fall under one of two basic categories: positive displacement or dynamic pumps. The differences between the two are: Positive displacement pumps control the fluid by moving it at the same speed regardless of the fluid’s speed upon entry into the valve. Positive displacement pumps can be classified into diaphragm, gear, peristaltic, lobe and piston pumps. Dynamic pumps add kinetic energy to the fluid, which increases the fluid’s speed. This energy turns into pressure at the slowed outlet point. Dynamic pumps can be classified into different types including vertical centrifugal, horizontal centrifugal, submersible and fire hydrant systems.   Typical pump applications  Common applications of industrial pumps include: Water movement  Chemical processing  Pressurizing water/fluid Fluid management  These properties make pumps suitable for use in multiple industrial applications, including agriculture, construction, engines, flood prevention, industrial applications, municipal, as well as sewage and waste.



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