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What are rivets? A rivet is a metal fastener, most often used in construction and engineering. This device is typically used to join two metal pieces by inserting the head of the fastener into a hole in one piece and then driving it home with a hammer. Rivets can be either solid or hollow. The head is made of either steel or copper and is usually secured in place with an epoxy, glue, or lock washer.   What are different types of rivets? Each rivet has unique benefits, making them ideal for different types of fastening. Some different types include: Blind rivets Solid rivets Tubular rivets Drive rivets Split rivets Shoulder rivets Tinner rivets Mare rivets Belt rivets Rivet nuts   How do rivets work? Rivets are drilled, placed or even punched into a hole and the tail later deformed, thus holding the rivets in place. A rivet is marred by pounding or smashing the tail, which makes the material flatten, expanding the rear by half of the size of the stem's original diameter. Riveting can either create lap or butt joints with a variety of different riveting configurations.   Where are rivets used? Construction Gas industry Automation Aviation Infrastructure and development

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