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What is a slitter? A slitter, also known as a slitter rewinder, is a machine used to convert paper, film and foil material. Slitters convert a large roll of material, usually known as the master or parent roll into one or narrower or thinner rolls.    Slitters can be made according to different configurations, but commonly consist of three parts: the unwind, the slitter and the rewind. Common materials that can be slit include paper, vinyl, plastics, textile materials, foam, rubber, adhesive tape, nonwovens and foil.
Different types of slitters There are two main types of slitting machines including: Roll slitters: These are also known as log slitters, baloney slicers, baloney cutters and single knife roll slitters) Slitter rewinders: These use three main types of slitting methods to cut material including a razor blade, shear cut and score cut. Depending on how it's performed, roll slitting can be categorised as either log or rewind. Rewind slitting, on the other hand, involves the unrolling and re-rolling of the web, making this process more comprehensive and time-consuming.   Benefits of a slitter Slitters are low-tension, controllable passive devices. 



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