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What are sprockets? Sprockets are simple thin mechanical wheels with teeth used to rotate and engage links in a chain or belt. Sprockets have two rotating cutter blades working in tandem to produce rotational force.
Sprockets are typically made from steel and are available in various sizes and shapes. A typical sprocket consists of a central shaft, which rotates around its axis via an external or internal gearbox. A chain or belt connects two sprockets, both having a rotating shaft where one sprocket is considered the 'driver' and the other the 'driven.' As the shafts rotate at different speeds, the connected sprockets become responsible for transmitting power, changing the torque or controlling the speed of the mechanical system. 
What are the different types of sprockets? Double pitch sprockets Multiple strand sprockets Quick disconnect sprockets Taper lock sprockets Steel split sprockets Double single sprockets Idler sprockets Double plus sprockets   Where are sprockets used? Sprockets are used in: Bicycles Motorcycles Tracked vehicles Other machinery



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