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Terminal Blocks

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What are terminal blocks?
A terminal block is a modular, insulated block that secures multiple wires together. The most basic form of terminal block consists of several individual terminals arranged within a long strip.  Factories often use terminal blocks to secure or terminate wires. Terminals are also useful for connecting wiring to the ground or electrical switches and outlets to mains.   What are different types of terminal blocks?
There are different types of terminal blocks, including: Screw-in terminal blocks Barrier terminal blocks Push-fit terminal blocks Tab connector terminal blocks Ground terminal blocks   What materials are used for terminal blocks?
Since they are used for connecting wires to the ground or earth connections, the outer body of terminal blocks are commonly made of insulating materials such as melamine or polyamide.   What are the Industrial applications of terminal blocks?
Terminal blocks are commonly used in industrial equipment such as wired support boxes and control boxes. Terminal blocks are also used in the following types of industrial equipment: Blowers Control panels Electrical substations Energy efficient lighting (LED) LED municipal outdoor and street lighting All Electrical Machinery Refrigeration control Variable speed/frequency drivers



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