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Every year billions worth of unused spare parts are sent to waste before leaving their original packaging. 

This means valuable resources, materials, human talent and hours suffer an equally early fate.

And the effects are telling - with resource shortages, environmental impacts and health effects plastering our global headlines. 

The challenge we have on our hands is two-fold. In addition to re-routing these spare parts away from an early fate, attitudes towards buying unused need to change. Our obsession with buying new easily blinds us from unused items that are just as good, if not better for the environment, economy, communities and your business. 

Like new, but better. We’ve identified billions worth of spare parts that have never been used, are in perfect working condition and are otherwise unattainable despite significant demand. Marketplace provides an untrodden route to market with access to over £12M worth of unused electrical and mechanical spares that can be dispatched immediately. Difference also lies in the price.
On the surface, Marketplace is a simple, intuitive platform that makes buying and selling parts easy. Behind that, there are millions of data fields, thousands of hours of development, hundreds of attributes per product and complex algorithms that put the correct product right under your nose. Marketplace brings the latest B2C technology to a technologically outdated sector.
To put the future of our planet first, it’s not enough to transform industrial manufacturing alone. This is a much bigger fight we have on our hands – calling for action across industry sectors to prevent millions, if not billions worth of unused products ending up in landfills. Every industry, consumer and organisation can demand better, and greater transparency from those in charge of our resources.


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It’s Earth Overshoot Day – marking the day we’ve officially exceeded our yearly quota of natural resources. If mother nature can’t keep up with our current demands, maybe it’s time that we slow down to meet hers?
If left unchecked, e-waste is set to reach 110 million tonnes by 2050. Note – if left u-n-c-h-e-c-k-e-d. We hold the power to change the unfortunate fate that is currently being written for our planet.
This week we explored the four states of matter, through the lens of waste. 2.12 billion tons of waste are dumped every year. Putting the pure elements under constant stress – and our world at stake.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” – Einstein. Tackling the issue of surplus stock ending up in landfills means rethinking “unused” and recognising that these spare parts are as good as new.
This week IPCC released its latest climate report detailing how profoundly we have altered the climate and what our future could look like if we continue down the current trajectory, emitting excessive levels of harmful carbon emissions.
Unused spare parts ending up in landfills as we speak. And these are no small amounts – to date, we’ve identified £5bn worth of unused, obsolete and surplus stock being sent to the ground.
Approximately 2.12 billion tons of waste are dumped every year. And it’s surfacing all around us: piling up on our lands, floating around in our waters and even residing inside our bodies.
Only 9.1% of the world economy is currently circular – not even close to where we need to be. Watch to find out how we're fighting for change, and how you can help us.
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The spare parts crisis is only a snapshot of a much larger issue, spanning industry sectors.

But you can help change the current narrative of unused items going to waste. Please read CEO of Machine Compare Ben Findlay’s open letter, calling for greater transparency around unused items ending up in landfill.

By signing the letter, as an individual, brand or organisation, you acknowledge your support for a more sustainable, transparent and ethical future across industry. You stand with us and many others in the fight against valuable, unused resources and materials being sent to landfills in favour of new products.