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About CMPC

CMPC (Compañía Manufacturera de Papeles y Cartones) is a Chilean multinational that has delivered sustainable solutions to its customers for over 100 years. CMPC produces wood, pulp, packaging products, household and non-household sanitary protection products and tissue paper. In 2018, it was recognized as the biggest pulp and paper company in the world by Forbes Global 2000.

CMPC operations

CMPC operations are based on international partnerships focused on sustainability, the stimulation of local economies and positive impacts on communities. CMPC recognizes the importance of strong trade relations and being equipped with an integrated logistical network and marketing structure oriented towards the customer. CMPC is also engaged in the integrated forest industry, operating as a holding company through four business centres including Forestry, Pulp, Paper and Paper Products and Tissue.

Owning forest assets in Brazil, Chile and Argentina and with manufacturing operations in Chile and Brazil, this is where you can find the company’s main products including pulpwood logs, sawn pulpwood, sawn timber, refabricated wood, plywood board, long pulp fibre and short pulp fibre.


CMPC Pulp is the company's subsidiary producing pulp and wood products and is responsible for the company’s forest assets through its subsidiaries CMPC Pulp, CMPC Woods and Forestal Minco.


Agustinas 1343 Piso 3 Santiago SANTIAGO , Santiago, 8340432, Chile

Tel: +56-224412030

Web: https://www.cmpc.com/en/