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Stora Enso


About Stora Enso

Stora Enso is a manufacturer of pulp, paper and other forest projects, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 1998, through the merger between the Finnish forestry products company Enso Oyj and the Swedish mining and forestry products company Stora AB, the company has grown to employ over 24,400 people in 2020.

Stora Enso’s corporate history can be traced back to the oldest preserved share certificate in the world, in 1288 – making some observers consider Stora Enso the oldest limited liability company in the world. Today, Stora Enso is publicly listed on the Helsinki and Stockholm Stock exchanges.

Stora Enso solutions

Stora Enso produces solutions based on wood and biomass for several industries and applications, establishing itself as a leader in the bioeconomy. Committed to producing products and technologies based on renewable materials, Stora Enso’s portfolio includes low-carbon alternatives to products made of fossil-based or other non-renewable materials. These products can be found across a wide range of industries including building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, confectionery, hygiene and textiles.

Stora Enso sustainability commitment

Stora Enso takes great responsibility in operating to preserve nature and communities, ensuring forests and plantations are sustainably managed and that more trees are grown than harvested.


Kanavaranta 1 P.O. Box 309 FI-00101 Helsinki Finland

Tel: +358 20 46 131

Web: https://www.storaenso.com/en